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SAP implementations, SAP rollouts, SAP offshoring, SAP nearshoring, SAP administration. SAP ERP, SAP BI, SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver, SAP HR, SAP CRM.

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IT outcourcing, data center, cloud computing. Managed hosting, collocation, administration. IT consulting, IT security.

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Experts advise on how to manage implementations, develop IT and improve your business.

SAP Change Request Management at the Can Pack Group

Applying the change management processes into the professional SAP Change Request Management tool is one of the elements...

SAP Change Request Management at the Can Pack Group

Applying the change management processes into the professional SAP Change Request Management tool is one of the elements... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2448573800.jpg

SAP Afaria at Transgourmet Polska

SAP Afaria is used for remote management of a company fleet of mobile devices and its security. In the middle of 2015, in cooperation... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2367614769.jpg

opesus AG systems in BCC Data Centers

The German company opesus AG was looking for a provider of IT outsourcing that in addition to maintaining the highest quality... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/1763557680.jpg

Bombardier Inc.: BCC supports SAP administrators

A complex SAP system landscape of a global corporation and more than 10 thousand users around the world generating requests... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2140121298.jpg

The Bakalland and Delecta Group: Carveout, rollout, outsourcing

From April 2015, the Bakalland Capital Group has been using SAP ERP. The system boot-up was predated by the merger of the Delecta... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/1655841841.jpg

Bakalland and Delecta: Migration, new location, and SAP maintenance

An essential part of the "takeover" – after the acquisition of Delecta– including its integrated SAP ERP system, was work... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/1822418725.jpg

Albéa: SAP rollout from France to Poland

Albéa HPC from Łódź, a producer of packaging for the FMCG sector, has been working in the SAP ERP system since... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2814839363.jpg

Alligator Polska: a rollout of the SAP corporate system

An excellent quality of master data for migration resulted in just 1 cent difference in the opening balance and a production... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2932619831.jpg

PepsiCo: The SAP ERP and the Ariba integration

PepsiCo, the world leader in the production of beverages and food, is running a program of rollouts of the Ariba solution... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2085128366.jpg

Ringier Axel Springer Poland and – a merger of businesses, an SAP rollout

In 2012, Ringier Axel Springer Poland, a publisher of Fact, Newsweek and Forbes among other publications, bought a majority... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2179300846.jpg

USP Zdrowie: Comprehensive SAP support

SAP application management for the whole system, SAP Enterprise Support and SAP administration support for a complete package.... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2616741018.jpg

Żabka: migration, collocation, optimization

IT systems of the company Żabka located in BCC, the highest level of security and work standards compliant with ITIL, migration... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2851789268.jpg

The Sokołów Group: SAP HANA migration project step by step

To meet the growing demand for SAP system performance, the Sokołów Group made the decision to use the latest in-memory... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2824471023.jpg

Valeant: Migration of SAP systems to the VMware platform

Four years ago, the Valeant corporation decided to separate out SAP systems for its subsidiary ICN Polfa Rzeszów, and then... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2297094110.jpg

The program of SAP rollouts in Wavin

The rollouts of the SAP template to Wavin companies in Central Europe and Scandinavia are further projects implemented as part... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2255165519.jpg

The Sokołów Group: Migration of SAP ERP and SAP BW to SAP HANA

Migration of SAP ERP and SAP BW to the SAP HANA platform is an exceptional project. A pioneering undertaking in Europe allowed... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/1667788167.jpg

Maflow: implementation of the ISO 27001 standard

The implementation and certification of the information security management system compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 is an opportunity... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2368988611.jpg

EWE Polska: Separation of IT environment from corporate structures

The IT support for business processes in EWE Polska Group’s companies, from the beginning of their activity, was provided... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/1542833587.jpg

Application for the medical sector

Medibase came to BCC with the idea and a complete functional concept of the business application. After three weeks from... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/3027876303.jpg

Von Roll: Detailed cost control, strategic raw materials

Von Roll – a Swiss manufacturer of products and systems for generation, transmission and distribution of energy – records... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2643322929.jpg

Armac Systems - integration on SAP NetWeaver platform

The repair and management of aircraft spare parts inventory is an expensive element of aircraft maintenance. The RIOsys solution... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/3143202645.jpg

Scanclimber: SAP outsourcing for Poland, Finland, Germany and France

From the first day of work with the SAP system, the Scanclimber Group maintains it in the model of full outsourcing. Hosting,... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2509568649.jpg

Bilfinger Infrastructure: SAP implementation as a construction project

Bilfinger Infrastructure approached the SAP project in the same way as their ongoing construction projects: it must be in accordance... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/1532138591.jpg

Master Data Management in Stock Polska

Master Data in SAP: complete, accurate, always available on time, and up-to-date – created in a process that can be tracked... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/3265307036.jpg

Polish consultants provide SAP support services to Maflow companies in Spain, France and Italy

The systems running in three companies in three different countries. The large SAP installation extended with non-standard... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2412159144.jpg

Single Sign On at Wolters Kluwer Polska

For many WKP employees, the complex SAP system landscape means the need to use several different solutions such as CRM, ERP,... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/3276065376.jpg

Normfest: SAP Finance in 4 weeks

The prospect of the approaching end of the year and the desire to make settlements with customers in the new system as of January... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/1937845618.jpg

Implementation of Talent Management in JTI

Global SAP HR and what’s next? Are standardized HR processes in 70 countries for 25 thousand employees the end of challenges?... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/3327765042.jpg

EDI Solutions for the Lithuanian Elgerta

New IT technologies play an important role in business. Thanks to their use, companies can work better and more efficiently,... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2260219858.jpg

Belbal: Billions of Balloons in SAP

Dynamic development and a long-term strategy aiming at further expansion are the main drivers for implementing an integrated... /pub/pl/uploadimages/gtx/2083925051.jpg

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SuccessFactors: SAP strategy for HCM tools

In 2012, when SAP finalized the acquisition of SuccessFactors (SF), it was perceived as a bold extension of the HR solution portfolio....

SuccessFactors: evaluation, goals, performance

Evaluation of employees – usually conducted cyclically – is one of the most important tasks of team managers. It is often preceded...

Developer in SAP HANA Cloud Platform

The world of SAP solutions moves to the cloud. Customer relationship management, human resources management, as well as payroll and finances...

SAP on the Microsoft SQL Server database

Performance – a key word in the SAP system. The search for performance commences from the moment of installing the environment and continues...

Standard Audit File in SAP

New requirements of the taxation office require changes in a company’s financial and accounting systems. The Standard Audit File...

BCC HANA Live Pack

Analytical needs of enterprises are constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex. BCC, an expert in SAP HANA technology, prepared...

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The JPK Transfer solution from BCC: secure e-transfer of standard audit files (SAF) to the Polish Ministry of Finance

JPK Transfer enables a secure monthly transfer of data from SAP to the system of the Ministry of Finance in the format required by the new Polish legislation. JPK Transfer is an extension of the "Standard Audit File in SAP” package offered by BCC as part of the customization of SAP systems to enable the SAF generation.


The TOP200 ranking list: BCC as the largest provider of IT solutions and services for the food industry

In the ranking list of the Polish IT Market Leaders for 2015, BCC took the first place in the category “The largest provider of IT solutions and services for the agriculture and food processing industry”.


BCC deploys SAP ERP on SAP HANA platform in the TDI model

BCC undertakes the deployment of SAP ERP on SAP HANA platform in the Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI) model. The project is accomplished based on the customer’s Data Center.


Your SAP system less expensive to maintain – with a guarantee from BCC!

Less IT infrastructure, an SAP system running faster, shorter backup and restore time. We set a goal, and you will pay ONLY when it is achieved.


BCC and 7milowy – two SAP partners join forces

BCC and 7milowy of the BCC Group join forces. Thanks to the planned merger, the small and medium-sized companies will have greater implementation capacity, as well as competence and experience of the largest SAP partner in Poland.

New BCC projects:
ABAP Development Center for a Swiss retail company
Global SAP ERP template for a retail chain (UK)
SAP template implementation (financial sector, Netherlands)
.Net development for a consulting company from Switzerland
SAP implementation for a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals (UK)
SAP Application Management for a Swiss corporation (7 countries)
Development of SAP template for a German polymer-based products supplier
SAP ERP rollout from France to the UK
Workflow for SAP MM area (automotive, Switzerland)
SAP Application Management for FMCG company (Germany, Poland, Romania)
SAP HR project for a sweets manufacturer in Denmark
SAP rollout support (FI, MM, PP) – 4 production sites in France